Business events with teambuilding activities


Business events Copenhagen

There are many types of business events like conferences, parties, presentations and so on. Not doubt you have been to more than a few. At times these events serve as platforms for corporate content, marketing, strategy, reports and so forth. There are tons of venues for exactly this sort of business event in and around Copenhagen. And you have no doubt been told, or lead to believe, or arrived at the following conclusion yourself…


Conventional wisdom concerning corporate events

Conventional wisdom namely seems to suggest that business events with ‘real’ content are the most important, most serious and most worthwhile – from a corporate point of view.


Team building activities Copenhagen

What you may not know is that teambuilding, while being fun and at times even playful, is no less serious or rewarding. Well, it may be less serious as in less boring, but no less as in productive in the long term. Studies show that effective teams are the key to corporate success in the modern world economy – it is the one thing that can give you the edge over competitors. You may also not know that a truly great venue for intelligent and culturally deep teambuilding exists right here in Copenhagen.


Team building in English at Charlottenlund Slot

Founded and run by anthropologists the event agency The Tribe resides at Charlottenlund Slot (castle). They specialize in anthropologically grounded team building and team development and have even developed a challenging teambuilding game specifically for Charlottenlund Slot. This game, called The Royal Chancery, can easily accommodate 100 employees or more. Being anthropologists they are obviously capable of hosting a corporate teamday entirely in English.


Team building activities ideas

On their repertoire The Tribe also employ personality type tests and systems to facilitate effective team development. The short introductory courses to the systems The Tribe utilize are actually quite fun and engaging and can, in their own right, serve as good ideas for team building activities. Taking teambuilding seriously – while remembering that it is supposed to be fun to do – The Tribe also offer a series of One Team Mindset exercises designed to highlight important aspects of effective teamwork, like communication, trust, strategy, team leadership, recognition and praise.


Make it a teamday

Do some research and look into our claims regarding teambuilding and the competitive edge it promotes. We are confident that you will come to see ‘teambuilding’ in a different light. Once you have The Tribe will be delighted to extend an offer your way, possibly combining several of the options above into a full team day complete with food, drink and a wonderful stay at our beautiful castle. And you may use the digital branch of The Tribe to promote the day to employees, lay a strategy for future team development or just utilize the day to make some great SoMe content.

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